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For people who use drugs

People who inject drugs 
People who use drugs by other routes
(cannabis, amphetamine, GHB, methadone, MDMA, cocaine, sedative abuse, etc.) 
Party drug users
(occasional users) 
(abuse of stimulants in order to prolong sexual arousal) 
Risks associated with acquiring drugs on the internet

What we can provide

We are here for you — with our experience, knowledge, acceptance, freedom from judgement, care, humane attitude and availability, as well as with a medical nurse, a social worker, a psychologist, a peer counsellor and/or a support person specialized in working with people who use drugs. 

A place you can always come to. A place where no-one is judged. A place where you can be exactly where you happen to be in your story at the moment. 

Do you have any questions about drugs — for example, about safer use of drugs or sharing your own story? Or maybe you want to hear about someone else’s experiences with drug use? Experts working at our organization are willing to listen and, if you want, give advice. 

We provide security — social, human, physical and mental. 

We provide supplies for safer injection, including unused syringes. 

We provide naloxone and teach you to use it. Naloxone can save your life, or the life of someone close to you. 

We promise that your use and your story will be treated by us as anonymous, since many people who use drugs experience discrimination. 

  • Going to the doctor’s may seem prohibitive, since all people who use drugs are considered to be „junkies“. 
  • Parents who use drugs are afraid to use the services, because they fear losing custody of their children. 
  • People who use drugs think that they are not worthy of quality legal support, since they have caused problems to themselves with their drug use and thus it’s „all their own fault“. 
  • People who use drugs tend to cover up their drug use when going to the doctor’s, because they are afraid of losing social benefits. 

With us you don’t have to hide your drug use of worry about your story coming out. 

We can make your problems heard in the society and promote your rights in the society and the state. The non-profit organization Convictus Estonia is the connecting link between various institutions and parties with an aim of promoting your wellbeing. 

We are solution-oriented and take a pragmatic view of the drugs problem. 

We are not indifferent. With us, you have the right to exist. Your story matters.

All of our services are anonymous and free for the clients.

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Convictus works in cooperation with the National Institute of Health Development. See the cooperation agreement here.

The non-profit organization Convictus Estonia has 50 employees. See the list of our contacts here.

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Common reasons for drug use

Drug use is a coping mechanism. Main reasons for developing a substance use disorder (trauma, pain, loneliness, social shunning, low self-esteem, etc.)

How to stop using drugs?  ↗

Substance use disorder is a chronic illness that can be treated, which makes people with substance use disorders as entitled to health care and social services as all other patients.

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

When helping people with substance use disorders, it has to be recognized that there are no universal solutions. As there are many varying reasons to why people start using drugs, the solutions need to be various, too. Because of that, many approaches and methods are implemented in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with substance use disorders. Age-, gender- and culture-specific peculiarities of the people needing help, as well as their family, social circumstances and overall state of health need to be taken into consideration.

Free social and legal help↗

Drug use is often accompanied by a host of problems, including legal issues and debts. If that’s the case, we definitely recommend seeking help. We are ready to provide advice regarding possibilities of acquiring free legal help and social services, as well as health care services to people with no medical insurance.

Mental help hotline and online counselling ↗

Why is it so difficult to give up drugs?