Support groups and counselling in prisons

Since 2003, the non-profit organization Convictus Estonia has provided the service of facilitating support groups and counselling for prison detainees with substance use disorders.

Currently we are providing services at the Tallinn Prison, where support groups meet once a week. Participation in support groups is voluntary for the detainees. 

The aim of support groups for detainees with substance use issues is to: 

  • effect change in patterns of use of addictive substances — to help achieve control over use or to stop using altogether; 
  • increase the detainees’ motivation to change their drug use habits; 
  • raise the detainees’ awareness of problems associated with drug use; 
  • reduce risk behaviour by detainees. 

Support groups provide information on the following topics 

  • Situations associated with the risk of drug use; tips and techniques for avoiding them and coping with them 
  • Relapse prevention and drawing up a „plan B“ for it 
  • Basics of reducing harms associated with drug use 
  • Principles of 12-step programs 
  • Information about services that the detainees can use while in prison and after being released

Service is free for everyone and anonymous!