Kallasmaa 12, Maardu

The harm reduction centre at Kallasmaa Street 12 in Maardu started operating in 2012. 

A harm reduction centre is a safe place where people who use drugs are always welcome. All harm reduction services are anonymous and free for the clients. Our specialists will help you find the kind of help that most suits you. 

Loved ones of people who use drugs are also welcome to seek assistance at harm reduction centres, where we can offer them psychological help and counselling. 

List of services provided at the harm reduction centre 

  • Distribution of equipment fort safer injection (syringes, needles, filters, cookers, disinfecting equipment, dry and wet swabs/wipes) 
  • Syringe exchange 
  • Communication with a peer counsellor, i.e. a person who can give advice based on their personal experience in recovering from addictions 
  • Communication with a psychologist 
  • Communication with a social worker, including assistance with the following: 
  1. acquiring necessary documents (the ID-card, residence permit card, applying for and extending the residence permit);
  2. applying for social benefits;
  3. applying for the disability pension; 
  4. registering for the services of the unemployment insurance fund; 
  5. redirecting clients to services helping to solve debt claims and other financial issues; 
  6. applying for a place in a lodging house, a shelter, or a social housing unit; 
  7. redirecting clients to day centres. 
  • Opportunity to communicate with a peer counsellor, a psychologist or a social worker also via phone or the internet 
  • Introducing the principles of safer injection 
  • Providing information and counselling regarding the use of naloxone, and redirecting to naloxone training in order to prevent overdose deaths; 
  • Counselling on various health-related topics; providing information about where to seek help (treatment and social services), as well as other services 
  • Rapid testing for HIV and hepatititides B and C, including pre- and post-test counselling 
  • Distribution of lubricants, condoms and pregnancy tests 
  • Opportunity to receive food assistance 

We are open:

Mon to Fri from 10am to 6pm

Contact us:

+372 512 4541