Creative arts therapy

Creative activities for people recovering from substance use disorders, and their loved ones

In the course of creative arts therapy, participants are introduced to, learn about and become skilled in the use of various modern and interesting art techniques and materials. 

During the sessions, various phenomena in culture and art are explored, focusing on the process and one’s own inner space, observing the making of one’s choices, one’s aspirations, interests and wishes, getting to know oneself and others. All this is done in a safe and pleasant setting, together with interesting co-thinkers, tasty tea and a sweet snack. 

Creative activity is a therapeutic or “healing” activity that supports recovery and self-development. 

The creative arts therapy group welcomes everyone affected by substance use issues, either in their family or personally. 

Sessions are facilitated by Victoria.

Victoria Vinckler

Art therapist
+372 5814

Participation is FREE and confidential.