Training courses

Kõikides meie Convictuse kahjude vähendamise keskustes toimub ohtlike jäätmete kogumine (kasutatud süstlad ja tarvikud) ning klientidele puhaste süstalde ja tarvikute jagamine

The non-profit organization Convictus Estonia provides a selection of training courses to various target groups, including: 

  • youth police workers, 
  • specialists working in the field of child protection, 
  • parole officers, 
  • social workers, 
  • educational establishments and their employees, 
  • support persons, 
  • entrepreneurs, 
  • parents. 

We offer education and training on the following topics

  • Trends in drug use. The nature and development of substance use disorders.
  • Profile of a person with addiction. What services exist and where to seek help? 
  • Supervisions for organizations working with people with substance use disorder. 
  • What to do if I suspect that my employee/co-worker/student may be using drugs? 
  • How to recognize an employee/co-worker/student who may be using drugs?

We share our knowledge

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