Program SÜTIK

The program is aimed at people who use drugs. Participation in the program is free and voluntary.

If you have trouble deciding where to start, we advise you to get in touch with a support person of SÜTIK.

Feel free to do so — many of the counsellors themselves are people who have used drugs in the past, and they are equipped to understand the situation you are in. The support person helps you to figure out what kind of support or help you may need, and find the appropriate service providers. 

Starting to use drugs in a safer manner and getting one’s life back on track can be a long process, during the course of which a support person can help you solve various problems. Support persons of the SÜTIK program are working in Tallinn and Harju County, as well as in the Counties of Ida-Virumaa and Lääne-Virumaa; they welcome clients from all over Estonia. Although many sources of help are tied to being registered at a fixed address, we will also try to help those without a permanent address or whose actual place of residence differs from the registered one. 

Support persons offer various kinds of assistance, including help with finding employment or a place to live, seeking health care services and making plans for the treatment of substance use disorders. Many support persons are also peer-to-peer counsellors. Many of them have been in situations similar to yours, and have personally travelled the path from addiction to recovery. Support persons won’t judge you, but will instead help you find suitable solutions. 

The support service will be provided for at least one year, and the aim of the program is to improve self-sufficiency and reduce risk behaviours in people who use drugs. 

We will help you with: 

  • finding a suitable counselling, treatment or rehabilitation service; 
  • redirecting to psychological counselling (including crisis aid); 
  • peer-to-peer counselling; 
  • conversing with authorities; 
  • acquiring documents (the ID-card, residence permit card, applying for and extending the residence permit);
  • applying for a place in a lodging house, a shelter, or a social housing unit; 
  • applying for social benefits; 
  • filling out forms for work capacity evaluation; 
  • registering for the services of the unemployment insurance fund; 
  • writing a CV and job-seeking; 
  • redirection to debt counselling services; 
  • redirection to legal counselling services; 
  • information about the availability of health care services (including for people with no medical insurance). 

Contact us: 

In Tallinn and Harju County
5884 4225 (24h daily)

In Rakvere and Lääne-Virumaa County
5684 9887
(workdays from 9am to 5pm)

In Jõhvi, Kohtla-Järve and surrounding areas
5770 3773
(24h daily)

In Narva, Sillamäe and surrounding areas
5860 0372
(24h daily)

Program SÜTIK contacts


Konstantin Iru
+ 372 5809 1654
Jevgenia Saveljeva
Support person
+372 5694 0812
Aleksandr Semjonov
Support person
+372 5802 9881
Jaana Važajeva
Support person
+372 5699 0507
Aita Müürsepp
Support person
+372 5373 2676
Jekaterina Žurakovskaja
Support person
+372 58557235
Nataliya Lisina
Support person
+372 5787 7686
Nikolay Litvinenko
Support person
+372 5837 7734
Olga Ossetrova
Support person
+372 5600 3755
Nadežda Pahurina
Support person
+372 5824 4472
Oksaana Kozlova-Zurheide
Support person
+372 5678 0936
Anastassia Tsernjajev
Support person
+372 54563372


Asti Pärnsalu
+372 5684 9887