Harm reduction worker

The work of a harm reduction specialist involves distribution of unused syringes, needles, disinfecting cloths, condoms and informational materials, collecting used syringes and needles from the target group, as well as informing and counselling clients (including with regards to overdose prevention, safer use of drugs and safe sex).

Harm reduction workers provide assistance with the following issues: 

  • introducing the principles of safer injection; 
  • redirecting clients to seek help regarding health care, social, drug use related, and other problems; 
  • providing information on health care, including printed information materials, and informing clients about opportunities to get help and other services, i.e. health care and social services, including relevant addresses and opening hours; 
  • providing information and counselling regarding the use of naloxone, and motivating both clients as well as their loved ones to attend naloxone training in order to prevent overdose deaths; 
  • explaining to the clients of the needle and syringe service the dangers associated with reusing and sharing of syringes; distributing other injecting equipment like cookers/spoons for preparation of injected drugs, water, filters and swabs for cleaning the skin; 
  • counselling clients regarding their health. Health care counselling includes advice regarding the following issues: 
  1. abscesses and vein infections; 
  2. HIV, including pre- and post-test counselling; 
  3. hepatitides (hepatitis C and B (HCV and HBV)); 
  4. tuberculosis; 
  5. sexually transmitted infections; 
  6. possibilities for diagnosing and treating the aforementioned infections/diseases; 
  7. the principles of safe sex; 
  8. opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation of substance use disorders; 
  9. redirecting clients to vaccinate (against HBV, tetanus); 
  • distributing condoms and lubricants, and assisting in their proper use, if needed; 
  • counselling regarding reproductive health; issuing pregnancy tests to female clients, if needed. 

Service is free for everyone and anonymous!

We welcome people who use drugs.